How to Stop a Barking Dog - The "Right" Way


So you want to learn how to get your dog to stop barking. We are talking about your dog right? I hope so cause this guide is not meant to help you shoot your neighbor's dog or anything. Okay glad we got that out of the way. I also do not promote using any sort of devices to stop your dog from barking. Electric devices that shock your dog when he barks are not cool. The only method you should use to get your dog to stop barking is through training. Training your dog may sound difficult but it can really be quite easy if you take the time to learn the proper techniques.


The first thing you should do is understand why your dog is barking non stop for no good reason that you can see. Well there are many different reasons that could be causing this such as boredom, loneliness, or just the desire to get some attention.


Okay, now some techniques you can try. First if your dog is barking right at this moment you should not try to pet or comfort the dog to get him to stop barking because he may determine this as being rewarded for barking and he may start doing it even more.


One good thing to try is to try a distraction if your dog is barking you can try a loud whistle and when he stops barking you can distract him with a treat or something he likes. Do not give him a treat while he is still barking or he will see this as a reward for his barking.


Another method you can try after you have your dogs attention is to practice some of your basic commands with him such as teaching him how to sit or stay. So with some practice next time your dog is barking like crazy you may be able to do something as simple as say sit or lay down and he will forget all about his incessant barking.


What Do I Do Next?


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